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Neonatology is our field.

Since 1968.
Cobams design and produce products to help the first steps in life of newborn.
Quality and safety to offer doctors and nurses the best ways to do their job.

Our product lines include:
Infant Incubator, Transport Incubator, Infant Warmer, Phototherapy Apparatus, Radiant Unit.

From Bologna, the city of the oldest university in Europe, our products are exported over the world. Cobams produces with constant reference to the requirements of Quality, Safety and Environment.

Besides the wide range and competitive prices, Cobams achieved great success with trade marketing activities, focusing on technical point of sale and reduced delivery times.
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Quality, innovation, safety, attention to the customer needs.
These are the pillars of the Cobams philosophy.

The ability to think long-term is part of our story and forms the solid foundation of our actions.

Our strength lies in being able to listen, assess complex situations and find the way to simplify them.

To offer healthcare professionals tools recognized as market leaders in quality and safeaty with the best price/performance ratio.
To ensure the best care for newborn.
Offer the best life expectancy to premature babies.
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Cobams exports to more than 100 countries abroad offering sales and after-sales service through a stable network of loyal dealers.

A strategy of differentiation in the quality ranges of the product offered, meant that Cobams could compete with differentiated products.

A Large network of external partnership.
High synergy with our partners: great passion for what we do.

Cobams achieved great success with trade marketing actions, focused on the technical assistance the reduction of delivery times.
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Cobams srl , Via Cicogna,20
 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna  Italy  
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