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Ref. 07a

Infant Warmer

Code 07a Mod. LR 90

Infant warmer with moveable stand / antistatic wheel with brakes
Heating power by ceramic infrared radiant system +/- 700 watt
Rotating heater with angle ± > 90° from central position
Supporting board for monitor and instruments
Alogen inspection light and security tipping bed edges
Mattress sponge size 65x50 cm, hypoallergenic
Bed surface positions: trendelemburg & antitrendelemburg
Manual and automatic modes selectable for heating power level
Parameter settings, alarms and indications basing LCD digital display
Indications for operation modes, preheating status, alarms, alarm silence
Microprocessor controlled selection for:
•skin temperature 34°C - 37,5°C, resolution 0,1°C accuracy +/-0,3°C
•air temperature 20°C - 37,5°C, resolution 0,1°C
•apgar Index (optional)
•integrated phototherapy (optional)
•skin temperature higher or lower preset values approx. ± 0,7°C
•high temperature / automatic switch off if temperature reaches 38°C
•interruption of air/skin probe
•drop out of line current
•reusable skin temperature probe PT100
•x-ray cassette tray
•vacuum regulator, control gauge with bottle for mucus and overflow
valve / 10 lt. flowmeter with bottle humidifier
•IV pole
•monitor holder
•antistatic wheels with brake
•digital timer to count and display up to > 1 hour
•gel mattress
•cape hood
•shoulder and head holder
•electrical height adjustment
•oxygen cylinder
•manual ventilation circuit
•apgar index
•integrated phototherapy
•neonatal ventilator
•electric aspirator
•baby scale Mod. Baby Bi (93/42/CEE)
•baby scale NAWI (2009/23/CEE)
Distance from heater to mattress surface: approx. 75 cm
Size approx. 530 x 850 x 182 mm (WxDxH)
Power supply: 110 V, 220V, 50Hz

IEC 60601-1 class 1 type BF
IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 62304
IEC 60601-2-21, EN60601-1-6
EN60601-2-50 (phototherapy option)
European Directive 93/42/EEC, class 2b

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