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Neonatal Infant Warmer LERI 2000 - Cobams srl

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Mod.  LERI 2000  Infant warmer     
Code 007B   Intensive care unit  (ICU)
The care of ill or premature newborn infants .
Technological monitoring and WARMING therapy mean special care for babies.

• TFT/ Colour LCD monitor
• Graphic trend and 7-days recording for all parameters
• 7-days data storage
• Lamp heater with above ceramic infrared radiant system
• Rotary lamp heater for radiological apparatus.
• Paediatric bed 80x65 cm ( optional)
• Air, skin, Apgar monitoring, peripheral skin (optional) adjustment
• Trendelemburg and anti-trendelemburg inclination
• Bed plane lighting with halogen light.
• Observation halogen integrated in radiant heater.
• Mattress in washable sanitary fabric.
• 10 lt. fluximeter with mucus bottle ,humidifier
• Aspiration: vacuum regulator and control gauge to apply to
  vacuum central system with bottle for mucus collection fitted with overflow valve.
• Supporting boards for monitor and instruments.
• Drawers
• Antistatic casters fitted with breaks lock.
• Phleboclysis rod with adjustable height.
• X-ray plate drawer.
• APGAR index
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